Quality Time !

Quality Time !

March 10, 2017 0 By Roberto

I have a highly educated, workaholic father. A physics phd straight off the boat from the UK.
The man is as intelligent as they can get and he came to Canada to be the best he could be….and the best he became!
For 37 years my father worked at the Quality Engineering Test Establishment (QETE). This is National Defences destructive testing and analysis labs for the equipment the folks in uniform use. If a CF-18 crashed…they investigated why….if a vehicle fleet had issues…they isolated the cause…as you can imagine everyone working there was highly skilled in science, engineering and physics over a broad spectrum of disciplines….chemistry, metals, mechanical engineering…etc.

Long story short…my Dad started at the bottom and retired as the Senior Director of the place. He was the longest serving Senior Director there also.

In 2013, he finally retired! The first winter of his retirement, my parents did the snowbird thing and spent the winter in Florida.
My father renewed his love of fishing by spending hours fishing the surf, the piers and the inter-coastal waterways of Palm Coast, Florida.

One thing that caught his eye was the amount of kayak fisherman. He would take a spot on a dock and watch them launch. He would casually talk to them about their rigs…in FL…Hobie rules the roost!

Fast forward 4 years….2017.
I have been looking for something to do with my Dad for many years. Now well into his 70s and while still very fit and able I know very well our best years are well behind us. I got turned onto the idea of kayak fishing for a few reasons. 1) I don’t like the price of gas 2) Always found it hard to convince the family to come out on the boat 3) Want to reduce my carbon footprint and 4) Most fish I like to target get hard to get to in the late summer when the water levels drop.

A kind member of KAAO decided he would sell me his kayak….I was elated! I pick her up today! (March 10, 2017).
I mentioned this to my Dad and it sparked his interest in a fishing kayak again. He purchased one also and in fact went as far to ensure he has a cart and a transport bar for the truck!

This will be what I hope the first of many season he and I spend in pursuit of fish together. I look out the window at the snow and long for the day we can gear up and hit the lake in search of fish and memories…..

Tight lines!