How to pay your entry fees

First, browse to the KAAO Events page

Choose the event you wish to pay for and click the “Pay Entry Fee” button. In the case of the Bass events, there is another button, to “Pay Entry Fee + Lunker Pool”.

You will be taken to a page where you pay for the event. The amount will either be $25, or $30, depending on whether you selected to pay the Entry Fee or Entry Fee + Lunker Pool. Click Next.

For security purposes, ensure that you are sending your payment to “kaaofishing“.

You will next need to sign into Paypal. If you do not have an account, you will need to Sign Up.

Next, choose how you would like to pay.

Note that if you elect to pay by Credit Card, you will incur additional fees. It is advisable to pay via bank account.

Once you have chosen your method of payment, scroll down and click Next

On the next screen, scroll to the top of the screen and enter the event which you are paying for. E.g. Panfish at White Lake.

Note that this is important, since it is the only way to let us know which event this payment is for.

Next confirm the payment with the Send Money Now button

Great! You have submitted your payment.

Finally, don’t forget to register on FishDonkey too.