About Us


The Kayak Anglers Association of the Outaouais, or KAAO is an not-for-profit group of friendly kayak anglers in the Ottawa and Gatineau region of Ontario.

The group was started by Dr. Roberto Briones as a way to get people in the region together with like-minded individuals.

KAAO’s “On The Water” Tournament Series is an annual kayak fishing tournament designed to get others introduced to the sport in a competitive yet friendly way. All tournament entry fees are returned 100% in prize money to the winners of each tournament.

“Canada is still in the early stages of kayak fishing and our group has seen this as an opportunity to spread the love for a different, eco-friendly and more active way of fishing that allows you to connect with nature and access more remote and shallow areas with minimum effort.  At the same time, our social outings and events will raise funds for local charities” – Roberto Briones