A Lanark trout adventure

A Lanark trout adventure

July 22, 2016 0 By Roberto

The adventure started at Tim Hortons in Almonte, ON.

Met up with a buddy (Dr.B, Jackson Kayak Rep) and his wife Yazmin. We hit a little trout lake north of Hopetown, ON.

The fishing started out slow, but once we located them it was like catching fish in a barrel. I can’t count the fish we got between the three of us. Nothing big but they were one after another, with a few double headers!



We decided to keep some for a shore lunch which turned out to be more of a shore snack. We cooked them up on a fire while we loaded our yaks. Nothing better than fresh fish on a camp fire!


After we were loaded and fed we were off down the power lines to lake #2.  A rough trail with steep hills and two creek crossings but Roberto’s Toyota Prius kept right up with my 4×4 Jimmy.


This lake is a rainbow and brown trout lake. I could not land a fish here if my life depended on it. I lost four nice trout next to the yak. As soon as they got close to the yak they would jump, thrash and throw the hook. Dr.B landed a nice brown before we called it a day.

The north shore of the second lake was covered in mating rat snakes. They were all balled up on the rocks sunning them selves. Pretty cool to see unless your trying to get on shore to pee.  As Dr.B’s wife found out.


Ryan a.k.a. “Choke”